Born in 1990.

Erika Zucchiatti is an Italian freelance photographer who lives in Fagagna, a town in the North East of Italy.
She studied Visual Storytelling with Sara Munari and Giulio Di Sturco, focusing on new ways to portray stories by mixing several media.

Nowadays, she is working on projects mainly focused on social and environmental issues, merging in the present the past world and the world that is being defined at this particular moment in history. 
Her mission is to inspire positive change, using the power of images to make a meaningful impact. As a perfect millennial, she embodies in her work the uncertainty and transition of the era in which she was born.



  • 2020, Redefine Me – Cortile pensile Palazzo Moroni, Padova
  • 2019, AthletA – CRAF, Spilimbergo (Pn)
  • 2018, AthletA – Galleria Tina Modotti, Udine
  • 2017, Love Beyond Differences – Udine Pride, Udine
  • 2016, Women Strenght –  Galleria \”E. De Cillia\”, Treppo Ligosullo (Ud)
  • 2016, Women Strenght – Salone del Popolo, Udine
  • 2013, Love Beyond Differences – Conegliano Pride, Conegliano (Tv)
  • 2013, Love Beyond Differences – Palazzo Antonini, Udine
  • 2012, 101 photos to do once in life in Friui – Libreria Feltrinelli, Udine


  • 2021, Habitat – Hydra, Roma
  • 2021, Habitat – Dpt. Physics Moscow, Mosca

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