Born in 1990.
Freelance photographer, lives and works based in Fagagna, a town in the North East of Italy, where she was born and grew up.

Nowadays she tells stories focusing on the human figure, using photography as a means of expression. Of particular interest are the social and relational issues.
She loves slow stories, trying to deepen intimately the heart of the stories she tells.

(Photo by Giada De Pra)


2022-2023 | Master in Visual Storytelling w/ Giulio Di Sturco c/o Spazio Labò

2022 | Phototool box: Practical Visions w/ Roberto Alfano, Mattia Zoppellaro, Emanuele Camerini, Marina Caneve, Davide Monteleone

2020 – 2021 | Storytelling, non solo reportage w/ Sara Munari // Il racconto fotografico w/ Sara Munari // Il portfolio fotografico w/ Sara Munari // Lo stile fotografico w/ Sara Munari

2019 | The Wild Heart Workshop w/ Joseé Lamarre // The Rural Workshop w/ Joseé Lamarre, Nadia Meli, Laura Zalenga & The York Place Studio

2018 | Couple photography w/Lato Photography // Pre-Raw w/ Marianna Santoni // Raw Avanzato w/ Marianna Santoni

2017 | Pinhole photography w/ Pinholelab

2012 | Il ritratto fotografico w /Tassotto & Max



  • 2020, Redefine Me – Cortile pensile Palazzo Moroni, Padova
  • 2019, AthletA – CRAF, Spilimbergo (Pn)
  • 2018, AthletA – Galleria Tina Modotti, Udine
  • 2017, Love Beyond Differences – Udine Pride, Udine
  • 2016, Women Strenght –  Galleria \”E. De Cillia\”, Treppo Ligosullo (Ud)
  • 2016, Women Strenght – Salone del Popolo, Udine
  • 2013, Love Beyond Differences – Conegliano Pride, Conegliano (Tv)
  • 2013, Love Beyond Differences – Palazzo Antonini, Udine
  • 2012, 101 photos to do once in life in Friui – Libreria Feltrinelli, Udine


  • 2021, Habitat – Hydra, Roma
  • 2021, Habitat – Dpt. Physics Moscow, Mosca

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