Every couple has a unique love story, and my aim is to document the unfolding chapters of that story. From the anticipation-filled moments of getting ready to the heartfelt exchange of vows, from the joyful celebration to the quiet, stolen glances, I am dedicated to capturing the complete narrative of your wedding day.

A commitment to authenticity. I believe that the true beauty of a wedding lies in the genuine moments shared between loved ones, the spontaneous laughter, the joyful tears, and the heartfelt embraces. By stepping back and observing rather than intervening, I strive to capture these fleeting, unscripted moments as they unfold naturally.

As a dedicated photographer storyteller, I prioritize quality over quantity, allowing me to offer an exclusive experience to a select number of couples each year. By intentionally limiting the number of weddings I capture, I ensure that every couple receives my undivided attention, personalized service, and the utmost commitment to creating exceptional photographs that truly reflect their unique love story. Working with only a few weddings per year allows me to invest significant time and energy into understanding your vision, preferences, and personal story.

Building a Foundation of Trust: The Pre-Wedding shooting

In my comprehensive wedding photography package, I include a pre-wedding shoot as an essential component. This pre-wedding session is not only an opportunity to capture beautiful images before your big day but also a valuable experience that allows us to connect on a deeper level. By fostering a sense of comfort, trust, and familiarity, the pre-wedding shoot plays a pivotal role in ensuring that your wedding day photography is seamless, authentic, and truly reflective of your unique love story.

Sharing the Joy

Upon the completion of editing and post-production, I create a beautiful and user-friendly web gallery exclusively for you and your spouse. This gallery allows you to relive the magic of your wedding day and conveniently share it with your friends and loved ones. It serves as a digital keepsake, accessible for a period of one year, ensuring that you have ample time to revisit and celebrate the joyous moments captured during your wedding.

A Sustainable Treasure

In addition to capturing your beautiful wedding day moments, I am deeply committed to promoting sustainability and minimizing waste. With this in mind, I have carefully curated a wedding photography package that not only preserves your precious memories but also provides you with meaningful, reusable keepsakes. By opting for this eco-friendly approach, we can celebrate your love while also nurturing the environment.

At the heart of every collection there is a handmade bag crafted with utmost care and consideration. Made by a skilled local artisan, this bag is not only a testament to the beauty of craftsmanship but also a sustainable choice. It is designed to withstand the test of time, ensuring its reusability beyond the wedding day. It serves as a versatile and stylish accessory that you can continue to utilize and enjoy long after your wedding. Inside you'll find an USB drive with the high res files and ten fine art prints (sized 12x18cm).

Eternal Moments

Wedding Photography Collections

4 hours

Starting at 700€

8 hours

Starting at 1300€


Starting at 1800€

Comprehensive full-day immersion or tailored packages available to suit your preferences. Capture authentic moments and preserve your love story, whether for the entire day or specific hours. Personalized photography options ensuring beautiful memories regardless of coverage duration.


An eco-friendly choice

For the production of your albums, I rely exclusively on Artphoto Evaluna. Carefully chosen for their commitment to sustainability, they offer exceptional quality products. Italian artisans ensure meticulous craftsmanship and attention to detail. Each album becomes a timeless masterpiece, reflecting the beauty of your love story. Preserve your cherished memories in eco-friendly, exquisitely crafted albums that will be treasured for generations to come.