Once upon ski

(2023 - ongoing)

The climate crisis, nowadays, is clearly impacting the Alpine arc causing an increasing scarcity of snowfall. The snow season is experiencing an estimated 26-36 days of decline, with a rise in snow elevation that nowadays is formalized as a difference in height of about 300 m.
Within this scenario, therefore, a new idea of the winter mountain is envisaged for the future, which, until now, has focused its strength on sports such as alpine skiing and therefore on the construction of ski lifts and slopes for the practice of this discipline.

Friuli-Venezia Giulia currently has six main ski centers: Tarvisio, Sella Nevea, Mount Zoncolan, Forni di Sopra, Sappada, and Piancavallo. Until a decade ago, and even more so in the 80s-90s, however, this small section of the Alpine arc counted more than 30 lifts over time.
Due to the increasingly short winters and low snowfall, at the end of the facility’s life cycle, these small stations were closed one after the other. At present, there remain visible long scars on the slopes that were once slopes frequented by locals, and some of being are still visible as relics of modern archaeology the structures of ski lifts or chairlifts now out of use, all testifying to a way of experiencing the mountains that are changing and that in the near future is likely to disappear.

The aim of the project is to document what remains of this world, mixing in a visual narrative the images of the places, with those of those who helped keep them alive until their closure and their memory. In fact, archival photographs and historical technical papers testifying to the existence of the ropeways are also included in the narrative.