Goodbye 2021, thoughts and hopes

2021 has been a particularly difficult year for me personally, the kind that shakes your soul so strongly that it leaves you in an undefined emotional state.

Here, then, that writing this year-end post turns out to be a harder task than I could have imagined.

There are times in life when everything is called into question: our dreams, our aspirations, our daily lives….
These are those times when, as a result of certain episodes, we begin to think, to reprogram ourselves.
If we try to imagine our lives, we certainly can’t outline them as a straight line, but rather as an inconstant, intricate line that takes us back and forth along our path.

2021 has been a difficult year, but it is precisely from these moments that we then find the strength and will to change. Or at least that’s what we realize in retrospect.

Step by step during 2022 some gradual changes will begin both on my site and in my business. Because just as I am evolving within myself, so too will this be reflected in the services and photography that I offer.

There is no doubt, in fact, that what I am is extremely linked to what is then observed in my images.
It will be a journey, a path that will evolve together with you.

I wish you for this 2022 to be in continuous evolution, to be able to question yourselves and to look a little deeper into what you have in your heart.