Marco and the soul of the wood

I met Marco a few months ago at a wedding.
It’s one of those encounters that happen by chance as if it were written somewhere that our roads should cross.
He is an artist of wood, a material that is always very dear to me, to which I am very attached.
He knows its colors, its scents, I could almost say its soul. Recovering the essences from pallets, old floors, and unused warehouses, Marco can create something new, give life to those materials by transforming them into figures of different kinds, and give a smile and joy in the soul of those who receive them.

Almost ten years ago, Guf-Are was born, a name that plays on the owl, the main animal of Marco’s sculptures, and “Are”, the name in Friulian of the village where he lives. Something that began almost as a game, but that in the end is nothing more than the revenge of a man who had the courage to listen to himself and go where his spirit led him.

The wonderful thing about all his work is how each piece is unique.
Every grain, wood, and shape are chosen with care and with an impressive attention to detail.
Watching Marco work is like witnessing a kind of dance, there is a slow, precise gesture through which it is as if a small piece of his soul were somehow transferred into his creation.