Irene and the last roll of Fuji 400H

In January 2021, Fujifilm announced that they were discontinuing production of their Pro 400H film, one that I personally liked. Today I want to tell you about the last roll of film I shot with it.

The last time I used a Pro 400H was on a shoot with Irene Dose. I used it to take her some portraits and still shots.
Irene is one of those people full of energy who deeply loves what she does. In her everyday life she works in graphic design, but ramps and roller skates run through her veins.

It’s not just a passion, it’s a real way of living, of being, of looking at things.
And if her first steps on skates began playing roller derby, it’s only when she moved to the skatepark that Irene found her home.

It was like a flame that suddenly ignites, so much so that first she established CIB Italy in 2015, then in 2020 she became part of the CIB Crew skate team, and a few months ago she created the Coven Rollerskate Collective: an online skate and equipment store, a rollerskate school, and a community. You only have to see her moving on the eight wheels at her feet to understand how what animates her is not only the desire to improve herself more and more, but also to transmit to others the beauty of this sport.

In the different photo sessions in which I followed Irene, I could feel every time how in her eyes there was a spark that pushed her to improve, even if only by a fineness, what she was trying on the ramp. It’s something that always strikes me deeply when I see people living so intensely something in which they believe and in which they employ their strengths.

And that’s exactly why I’m happy that my last Fuji 400H roll of film went to her: a film that I loved to tell the story of someone who deeply loves what she does.