Three girls, three bikes: Bike Ride – The future is equal

September 28, 2021: Margherita, Elena and Silvia arrive in Udine riding their bicycles. There would be nothing strange if it weren’t for the fact that the point of departure is Turin and their destination is Zagreb. A ride of 726 km divided into 11 stages where the girls of Balon Mundial have organized meetings, events and workshops.

That night, in collaboration with the Village of Pecile, the three girls brought their testimonies to give voice to the critical issues that are still present in the world of sports, especially in the area of gender equality.

“Bike Ride – the future is equal” is a project that aims to disseminate the issues addressed by the Laboratory of Education through Sport “The Future is Equal”: gender equity, female leadership and Lgbtqia + in sport as a practice of emancipation and gender empowerment to increase the presence of women in all roles of sport: athletes, coaches, managers.
The tool used by the “Bike Ride” is the bicycle and the sport of cycling to cover the distance Turin – Zagreb in a route in stages made by a team of four women cyclists, the Champions (official name of the four sportswomen selected in the training path of the project adidas Breaking Barriers).”

That’s what they write on their website.
Someone might think that such initiatives are useless, that it’s just a waste of time.
And yet it is thanks to things like this that word spreads, that a capillary fabric is created that is able to expand more and more and make as many people as possible aware of the problems.

They arrived in Zagreb a few days after their stop in Udine, and I can’t help but remember with a smile the story of these women who, in their own small way, have done something really great.