Elisa & Stefano: Wedding in Tuscany

Trying to describe Elisa and Stefano’s wedding is difficult just because it was a day so full of emotions that I do not think that actually exist words powerful enough to express them all.

If I had to find a common thread for this wedding, I would have no doubt to say that it was the music. The newlyweds, in fact, are part of the group Nuvoices Project and their friends to the sound of notes and songs have been able to create a unique atmosphere during the day.
It was like being part of a melody that passed from voice to voice, forming a chorus capable of permeating every moment of that July 10th.

The heat of the Tuscan summer was clearly marked, but that happiness, those smiles, that joy of being together, gave such a lightness to everyone’s hearts that the heat passed into the background.

Elisa and Stefano’s wedding was the perfect representation of their being: two people with immense hearts capable of creating one big family made up of their affections.

I will always remember their way of making everyone feel at home (including me), with their genuine and true ways. I will remember their laughter when we went to that panoramic spot on the Crete Senesi to take some couple’s photos, because after all, two people who know how to laugh together, know how to love each other even more.

On the other hand, as Peter Gabriel sings in “The Book of Love”, when it comes to love, there are music that are almost transcendental, while others are also a bit dumb, yet even though this book of love is long, it is always wonderful when two people decide to read it together for life.