The wine poetry

Growing up in a small town in the middle of the countryside, on a farm, gave me the opportunity to learn to appreciate and know the cycle of nature and, with it, the seasons one.
We have just entered fall and that means harvest time, after the explosion of growth that matured in the summer.

When we talk about harvesting in September it is impossible not to think about grape harvesting.
For Friulians, wine is not just something that is poured in a glass, it is a real and proper cornerstone of rural culture. 
Wine is a way of understanding each other, of being together, of communicating. And these aspects are not only found in the finished product, but also in its creation.

The grape harvest is made of a team game, where more people walk along the rows of vines picking bunch after bunch. And in the middle of this work, there are stories, smiles and company.
Wine, therefore, contains inside of it a million of stories, it absorbs them, makes them its own and takes them with it in every phase.

It’s a product that is born slowly, with patience and it’s consumed with the same amount of calm, in order to savor it to the end. Wine has in itself a poetry which is preserved in time, just like a photograph.