The importance of simple things

In the last months I stopped to think about how important it is for me to remember and how photography often helps me to satisfy this need.
Being able to stop in a snapshot a bit of time, almost gives the feeling of owning it, of having the possibility to preserve it forever.

Each one of us takes thousands of photographs every year, yet there are very few that remain inside, that remain in our hearts. And so I began to wonder what really accompanies us over time?

The most likely answer I could find to this question is: affections. I’m not talking about when we celebrate them on special occasions, but what we live with them even if it’s just on a daily basis.
This is where we create the memories that accompany us over time, it’s the little moments, those trivial things that are often taken for granted, but that form the foundation of our relationships, of our experiences to slip into the suitcase of our lives.

So I ask myself why not get lost every now and then and tell these things too? Why not learn to grasp the beauty in everyday life? Time never goes back and we can’t relive some things a second time.
Let’s learn to give more value to the things we have, to hold on to them and carry them with us through time through photographs.

Telling our everyday life, what makes us happy, what represents us, what makes us feel good is the way we have to never forget all these things. And it doesn’t matter if the photographs we take aren’t exactly perfect, what matters most is what they mean to us. We’re not talking about art, we’re talking about our lives, who we are, who we love.