Simeon Group: when metals meet poetry

It happens that I have to tell the story of a company and so it happens that I find myself spending time in the middle of the production of an architectural structure. One of the clients I work for is the Simeon Group, a company that mainly deals with structures and facade coverings, producing more than 7000 tons of the former and more than 50,000 square meters of the latter. It’s no coincidence that their claim is precisely “we build the world of tomorrow”.

In this case, I was at the office that deals with the structural metal load-bearing construction of buildings. We’re not just talking about simple pylons, but real engineering works that constitute the heart of entire buildings.

You may be wondering where you can find beauty in an environment that at first glance may appear in our imagination as harsh. Well, if there is one thing I want to show you today, it is how poetry can hide everywhere.

The light, the details, but above all the people who live in a place, can create magic, even before that which we can admire in the finished product. Because the quality and value of what a company is able to produce, passes also and above all through the people who work there.

A few years ago I witnessed the creation of the structure that Gruppo Simeon built for the Venice Architecture Biennial: the chapel designed by South American architect Javier Corvalàn for the Vatican pavilion. This time I simply told the work behind each structure that is created and I can assure you that it is one of those stories that I loved to write with light.