Habitat: a challenge for the pinhole day by Hydra

Although it’s been a while, today I’m going to tell you about my Pinhole Day this year.
Every year, the last Sunday in April we celebrate the simplest form of photography: pinhole photography.
In this 2021, however, I decided to take part in the call promoted by the girls of Hydra with the theme “Habitat”. No free theme this time, but the interpretation of a very specific topic.

I thought for a long time about what this word could mean to me and in the end I decided to put myself at stake by creating some self-portraits (no, it was not easy) in some places of my home that have a particular meaning for me.

All the photos submitted by the participants were then collected in a zine that looks like a compendium of hundreds of different habitats, each characterized by its own interpretation. But that’s not all, some of the photos also became part of a travelling exhibition around Rome and I must admit that it was fun to receive messages from some friends asking me if it was possible that my face was around their city.

Thanks to the girls of Hydra for the work they did and I hope maybe I have enticed you to get involved next year.

Below are the photos I sent and here you can find the digital version of the zine. What do you think, did I manage to communicate the meaning of “Habitat”?