Story of a portrait – 2

Last year, I published a similar post about a portrait I did of my father.
Today, I want to repropose the same “format” by telling you the story behind this portrait I made of a dear friend of mine.

Elisa and I have known each other since college, she finished it, I did not. As in all relationships, there are times when we are closer and others when, instead, each of us is taken by our own lives and we drift apart a bit. But despite everything, you always know that you can count on each other.

Sometimes it doesn’t take much to be friends. It’s enough to recognize each other, to find each other, to know how to meet halfway.

This portrait of Elisa was born in the last days of the yellow zone, during a quick lunch together, but full of meaning in the words and in being able to tell without too many filters. And I believe that these are the moments that are worth fixing in time.

In that moment I only asked her to look out the window, nothing more. Then there was just the click. When I sent her the photo, as soon as I developed the film, the thing that touched me the most was her saying “I recognize myself”.

This is my friend Elisa.