Film wrappers: can we give them a new life?

I have never made a secret of my immense passion for analog photography. I love the marvelousness of the whole process, capable of making you feel part of a memory, a memory, a story: from development to printing.

However, at the end of all the work, there was always a part that would remain in a drawer without knowing what to do with it. I’m talking about the film wrappers.

Since I’m essentially annoyed at throwing things away without giving them a second chance, a person came to mind: Lauretta.
I met her five years ago as the maid of honor at the wedding of one of my wonderful brides, and we’ve stayed in touch since that day.
She did just what I was looking for: she gave a second life to items that we usually throw away, such as coffee capsules. What does she create? Basically, jewelry.

So the thought immediately popped into my head: why not do the same with film.
I decided to talk to her about it and she was immediately enthusiastic, so much so that even now the wrappers of my 135 rolls of film always end up in her hand.
And every time it’s a wonder to see what she’s able to get out of them.

Are you curious to see what she has created from them?
Here is a small selection!

What do you think? Do you like the new life that these rolls of film have had?

Photos courtesy of LAURETTE HEARTMADE