Portraits of Women

Yesterday was the International Day for Women’s Rights, a celebration that still finds space today, where although in some contexts it may seem (at least on paper) that equality is a goal now achieved, in reality being a woman is still a victim of social stigmas.

The woman still seems to be realized only in the figure of mother and wife. Not having children, by choice or for other reasons, is still seen as a defect, as not being a complete woman.

But a woman is not only this: a woman is emotions, passions, thoughts, feelings, intelligence, strength, fantasy … a woman is an explosion of colors.
Every woman has its own nuances, every woman should be free to be able to embrace and accept herself as she is without feeling guilty, judged, observed. Because this sense of guilt is often a cultural factor, a chain that we are brought up with since childhood.

This chain must be broken because starting from the small, then, it expands into larger things.
Since the beginning of the pandemic, 70% of people who have lost their jobs are women and femicides have increased by 77%.
Those are just two things, but we could cite who knows how many more figures. And we are only talking about Italy.

We must put a stop to all this and to do so we must start from ourselves, taking care of our person, leaving us free to be who we really are.

For this reason, today I would like to offer you some portraits that I have taken over time of various women who have somehow stepped into my life. Listing them all would be a long job, but in this small selection, I think it shines through what I’ve said so far: each one is unique, each one shines its own light, each one is a woman asserting herself for who she is.