Soul blocks and pinhole experiments

Being able to find the right motivation for the past year has not always been easy, on the contrary.

On social media we often try to show ourselves smiling, fit, creative, with a thousand ideas ready to achieve amazing things. But this does not always correspond to reality.
We are human and as such we all have our moments of weakness.

Even in these situations, however, it is essential to try not to switch off, not to be overwhelmed by negativity. Playing, looking for other points of view about us, about our places, about the things that represent us, can help us to find some of that strength we thought was lost.

For me this translates into taking in hand my lovely PinKiev built together with Daniele of Pinholelab and find a new way to interpret what I have around me.
Because there are times when the important thing is not to create a work of art, but to find a way to keep your spirit alive.

Going back, to the beginning, going back to understand and experiment starting from the simplest things, it is from here that you can think of starting again, of being born anew, of finding yourself again.