Valentine’s Day, Love and Snow

We are officially in the week of Valentine’s Day.
What better time to think a bit about love?

To do that, I’m starting with the last couple shoot I did last month.
When Nicole contacted me, she told me that she really wanted to have photos with her husband in the snow, so we immediately agreed to go to the Fusine Lakes, a place known to the people of Friuli Venezia Giulia for its beauty and easy accessibility

“Accessible” we said. Yeah, except that just when we were almost there, we found the road closed due to heavy snowfall. A little disconsolate, we started to think of an alternative. So we decided to go to a place not far away, but equally fascinating: the Predil Lake.

Once there, the magic began: an immense lake, completely frozen and covered with snow at our disposal. Smiles, hugs, kisses and even a few snowballs slowly started out and love appeared in its truest essence.
And well, you can see the result in the pictures below!

Why did I tell you this story? Because I believe that in it can be summed up a strong and banal metaphor of what love between two people can be.

Love comes suddenly, like a great snowfall, and makes everything more candid, more beautiful, purer.
When we love someone, no matter what unforeseen events may happen in our path, there will always be an alternative solution that will appear even better than our original plan.
Love is able to give us new eyes to look at things, a lighter heart to enjoy them and a more beautiful smile to live them.

Love each other, make your Valentine’s Day every day.