Storytelling for companies: is it really useful?

“Storytelling”. How many times have we heard this term inserted in a thousand speeches without really understanding its meaning?

So let’s try to start at the beginning. As Sara Munari writes in her book “Storytelling to whom?”, it was created primarily to educate and transmit content.

“Educate”, what a beautiful word. Perhaps a bit out of use by now, but perhaps as current as it can be. When we educate someone, in fact, we are trying to transmit a value, a thought, a story. And what can the communication of a company towards its customers be based on if not on education, on transmitting to them its key points?

More and more, nowadays, when we head towards a purchase choice, we are not only driven by the product itself, but above all by what the brand communicates to us through it.

For a company, telling its story means shortening the distance with the customer, giving birth and growing in him a series of feelings in which he can recognize himself.
A story is immediately understandable, it makes us recognizable, it’s what people remember about us.

And to find the story to tell, we don’t need amazing adventures on the other side of the world, we just need to focus on everyday life. How many episodes, anecdotes do we store up every day without even realizing it? Stories are always at hand, we just need to start telling them.

And what does photography have to do with all this? You will say. It has something to do with it, because it’s one of the means of transmitting the content you create to talk about yourself. Through the right images, combined with a text that tells the story, in fact, any brand and company have the opportunity to create a clear and direct communication with the public similar to their principles.

Certainly it is something that requires time and dedication, especially at the beginning, but once on the right path, then storytelling applied to the communication of a company can be that “more” to get further.