Reinventing a broken 50mm and giving yourself some space for creativity

First post of 2021. I’ve been thinking a lot about what I could kick off this new year with and I decided to do it by talking about the principles and changes I want to bring with me as personal growth and that I want to apply in various areas of my life.

So what is there to start with, if not an aspect of photography itself? When we think about photography, we are very often linked to the photographic market, which is updating faster and faster, making a product “old” as soon as it is put on the market. This continuous evolution is, someway, also the cause of an enormous amount of waste that we can all deal with in some way.

One of them, for example, is to try to optimize or recover materials we already have. And sometimes, this process can also push us towards new creativity.

Let’s try to think of something practical. Those of you who follow me on instagram may have seen stories about this last year, but when the 50mm camera of a dear colleague and friend of mine (Jade Eleonoire) had a mishap, I decided to salvage it and try to give it a new lease of life.

And so this is what I made of it:

For sure, it’s not perfect, it’s not beautiful, but it’s definitely something that allowed me to put my creativity back and to change my perspective.
A few days ago I took advantage of the fallen snow to experiment a bit and these are some of the photos I brought home using this lens.

Looking for new inspiration is as important as it is essential for a job like mine. If we can do it in a greener way, then it’s even better!