Bye 2020, last wishes of the year

Here we are, at the last post of this strange 2020.

I’ve been thinking a lot about what I’ve learned during this year and what I could leave you within these lines as I look forward to the time to come.

What I want to wish you is to change your perspectives. When it seems that the world is turning its back on us, sometimes we should try to change our perspective.

Be brave in a time of fear, listen to yourself, lay the groundwork to follow what can make you happy. Free yourself from the burdens you carry, forgive and be forgiven.
Set aside people’s prejudices and follow your spirit.

Say that “I love you” to the person in your heart, devote your time to the passions you care about most, call that friend or relative you haven’t heard from in too long, create memories to carry always with you. Listen to your dreams and run for them. Don’t just do it now, in these 15 days where there are so many good intentions, but make a pact with yourself, make a promise to yourself that you want to be happy.

It has been a difficult year for everyone, that none of us could have foreseen. It is precisely from the great crises, in fact, that the best things are often born, it is now that we have the opportunity to rediscover ourselves, to renew ourselves. Choose love: towards yourselves, towards your loved ones, towards life.

So coming to an end to this post, I wish you the best possible holidays, waiting to start a new path in the next 2021.