Everything changes, but photography

I often walk around my home, my village and think about the future.
I think about how things will be in ten, twenty years from now. How things will have changed.
There are places that in our minds will never change, that we believe can resist the signs of time, but rationally we all know that it’s not possible.

I think back to my maternal grandparents’ house, how I knew it when I was a child and how it was renovated a few years ago. Even today, when I visit them there is something strange, which makes me feel almost lost.
Now I can relive the memory of what that house was like only relive through photographs.

One day, when I was at home I walked past the room of my paternal grandparents and the door was left open.
It was empty, motionless, out of time. From there, it was a moment to decide to stop the memory of that place. And now I know that even if in ten, twenty, fifthy years that room won’t be the same, all my remembrances won’t be lost, because everytime I will pick that photograph, I will remember the things I lived.

Never underestimate the beauty of everyday life, do not take for granted the immutability of things, learn to stop time, to discover the power of memory in a photograph.