Love is Love.

If there is anything that can be considered the engine of the world, in my opinion, it is love.
There should be no need for these lines, not even for an instant should there be any form of doubt.

Love is love.
I strongly believe in the power of this feeling, I believe infinitely in its beauty.

Love is love.
It happens in life that we will meet someone who will make our hearts beat so loud that we can no longer help but want to feel that feeling in our chests at every moment.
It happens that that person can be a man or it happens that it can be a woman, or even a non-binary person, it doesn’t matter.

It doesn’t matter who you love, every story deserves to be told.

Loving someone is never wrong, loving someone is the most beautiful thing that can happen to us. Feel free to love who you love.
Love each other, love each other without limits, love each other without fear, because the only thing that should really scare us is a world without love.