Denmark on the road: let your spirit be free

The size of a journey is measured in what it leaves us inside.

Choosing to travel more than 4000km by car and not get on the first plane that would take you to the same destination is a different way of looking at the world and life from the conventions we are used to nowadays. It is a rediscovery of distances, a realization of what it means to move, a taste of every detail along the way with the landscapes that slowly change and tear down the images that our mind had foreshadowed.

It was not exactly a trip to the most popular tourist destinations, but a discovery of places and ways of living that deviate from those we are used to every day.

I didn’t really know what to expect from this experience.
Of course, I had planned the route, but knowing exactly what I would find and how I would feel was not something I could well understand.

To travel along the coast of Denmark was to fill the spirit and mind with life, with freedom. Every little stop was the discovery of a little piece of a new world, made of immense spaces and small towns.
It is not a full scenario, but it proves that very often “less is more”. There is no luxury, no luxury.
Everything speaks in silence.

The dimension of a journey is measured in what it leaves us inside: to me, this time, it has left an open heart and a free spirit.