Before you go for a long journey

Almost twenty years ago, Irene Grandi released the single “before you go for a long journey“.
Never was a song title more apt to describe the moment when I find myself: waiting to leave.

Leaving on a journey is something that could be declined in a million different nuances. It’s not just about moving from one place to another in geographical space, but it’s a real upheaval of our souls, of our habits.

For a person like me, this is a crucial phase, in which to analyze myself and my spirit is something fundamental. Facing new places and cultures always put me in a very emotional state. Then, deciding to leave, in a historical moment like the one we are living, then, is not at all easy.
Doubts, fears, perplexities are always around the corner, ready to cling to our souls, but on the other hand, even listening to the push that comes directly from our hearts is crucial.

We will meet again at the end of August, where, if everything will have gone according to plan, we will find ourselves with the story of this wonderful itinerary that I have in front of me and that makes me feel the butterflies in my belly as it has not happened for a long time. Because obviously, beyond everything else, this is not only the departure for a holiday, but it is the beginning of a story to tell.

“Before you go on a long journey, take with you the desire to never come back”. Even when you will return home, there will be some pieces of your soul left somewhere in the world.