Story of a portrait

As you know from an old post of mine, the quarantine period was a way for me to reconnect with part of my childhood.

This is the starting point for the realization of what is one of the portraits that I care most about among those I have ever made.

Being at home, savouring the scents and colours of what surrounds me every day, I had the chance to re-appropriate myself with many things, such as rediscovering the effect that light has at a certain time in the barn.

I asked my father to come with me, to stand in that exact spot.

The power of this photo, in addition to the meaning it obviously has for me, I think it lies in the essence of light alternating with darkness.

Taking someone’s portrait means to get as close as we can to their soul, their spirit. It means capturing his aspects of light that blend with the darker ones, like little big starry skies.

This time, I wanted to try it with my father.I wanted to try to approach my father, with the medium that is closest to me, to create a connection that I could not have found in any other way.