Redefine Me – The exhibition

Redefine me is a path, more than a real project. It was a work that emotionally turned me upside down in a way I never imagined.

This work was born from a meeting I had with Dr. Samantha Serpentini, psychoncology referent of the Breast Unit at the IOV in Padua.

A year later, the stories that each of the ten people who joined the project shared within the group are still alive. Then together we tried to find a new dimension of themselves through 3 photographies, to redefine themselves after the wound caused by the oncological disease.

I shared with you, today, the stories that I had posted on Instagram in the days when I went home after the various sessions, in my lonely train hours, and I feel perfectly those same words in my head, in my chest.

Today Redefine Me finds its place in an exhibition for the first time inside the Court of Palazzo Moroni in Padua, and it will be on display until July 28th.
Today I’m feeling a very deep kind of emotion that I can’t explain, especially because in a certain kind of way photography has very little to do with it. Today we are not faced with simple photographs, today we are faced with the souls of 10 people who have decided to use photography to find themselves. Today we are talking about them, their lives, their paths.

Because of Covid, the entrance to the exhibition will be restricted, but I hope that if you find yourself passing through Padua, you can stop and listen to these images with not only your eyes, but with your spirit.