Slow restarting

Here we go. Only a few days left and, at least here in Italy, the flow of life will resume its course, although in a reduced version.
The world had stopped and I had done the same, or at least I tried.

From every great crisis, you can start again in two ways: by resuming where you stopped running in the same way or by collecting what you have matured and start again with new eyes, heart and mind.
And that is how I want to do it.

This forced stop gave me the opportunity to get closer to something that many of us had lost before this pandemic: the beauty of everyday life, of learning to slow down.

What I want is exactly this: I want to stop your time, I want you to be able to keep slowing down every chance you get. I want you to have the chance to say “I was there, you were there, we were there” in one of the most beautiful ways we have available: holding a photograph in your hands.

We’ll do it together, safely: from Monday we’ll come back to tell your stories, outdoors, in places that make your heart beat faster.