Earth Day, take care of our planet

Today is the 50th “Earth Day”.
Since 1970 the date of April 22 is the day on which humanity celebrates the planet on which we live.
We who step by step are also contributing to its and our destruction.

In today’s post, I propose you some images that I made three years ago in one of the places that most absolutely remained in my heart: Passo Rolle. In particular, the photos concern the trekking of the Thinking Christ, which leads to the top of the Castellazzo, where there is a statue of Jesus sitting in a position of contemplation and bearing the inscription: “Find time to think, find time to pray, find time to smile“.

Whether a person can believe or not, at that point there is a spiritual dimension that connects everything, where you feel so small in front of what you are standing at the top of that mountain.
It’s hard to shake off the feeling of being small and at the same time connected with everything around us. It makes you realize that everything really coexists as long as the balance between the parts is perfect.

What I want to say is that each of us can do something in our own small way to give a moment’s breath to this planet that hosts us along with millions of other forms of life. It doesn’t take much, it’s enough just to learn to be more responsible in the small choices of every day or maybe, in not many years, we won’t have the chance to contemplate wonders like these anymore.