Quarantine memories

If there’s one thing that’s prevailing in me throughout this quarantine, it’s definitely the passage of time. I don’t mean what we are living locked up in our houses, but rather the time spent in my life, taking me back to part of my childhood.

I am feeling very strongly the connection with my origins, my family and also the land. It is not unknown that I come from a peasant family and during this period, I found myself spending time doing things and staying in corners of my house where I hadn’t been going for years, catching changes I hadn’t realized, living the hectic life I was having.

I’ve looked and I’m still looking very much inside myself, perhaps also complicit in the crisis of crossing in a few days the famous 30 years, but I decided not to forget what I’m living now. I want one day to be able to look back and remember. I feel the need to create real memories that I can touch and hold in my hands.

Some people say that confronting yourself in this period is not real, because it is something forced, but I believe that sometimes it takes moments like this to start taking steps towards yourself.

We are the fruit of what we remember and no matter how difficult what we are going through nowadays, all this will be part of our background. We find the memories we want to take with us, we learn to find what represents us even in the darkest moments.