Adamello Brenta Park, escape dreaming

Even though we are at home right now, without being able to go out, nothing stops us from continuing to dream.
What I want to do this week, is to take you to a magical place that I met last year during my summer vacation.

Those who know me personally know that for some years now the term holiday has been associated almost exclusively with a mountain environment and lived in a tent or, since last year, in a roof-top-tent.

Anyway, if there’s one thing I’m becoming even more aware of during this quarantine period, it’s how much I miss the pure air that can only be breathed in certain places.
It is known to the whole world that since we have been forced to lock ourselves in our homes, the level of pollution is decreasing, allowing our planet to breathe again. Thinking about this makes me smile.
Last summer, I had the opportunity to spend some time inside the Adamello Brenta Park.

To say that I left my heart between the Val di Fumo and the Val di Genova I think it’s reductive. If there is a feeling that I remember well, however, it is also the concern for those valleys, thinking about future generations, if they too will have the opportunity to satiate their eyes with all that beauty.

What I want to try to do today, is to take you to those places, to make you breathe wonder with a light heart.