Of quarantine, virtual marathons and the beginning of “The Lighting House Project”

We are all aware that we are going through a historical period that will remain imprinted on the pages of books.
Here in Italy more than 10 days have passed since the population is closed in their homes, but we know that very often in the most difficult moments creativity comes into play to keep us alive.

So, together with my colleague Jade we decided to create “The Lighting House Project”, a space dedicated to sharing experiences, knowledge and training.
As a first experiment, we decided to use this very period to challenge ourselves in a virtual photographic marathon and here you can find the video including backstage.

We then decided to try to involve other people and, as a result, the first real virtual photo marathon was born.
There were 20 of us and I have to admit that even though I don’t really know if any of the participants expected something from us, both Giada and I were a bit nervous.

We extracted the five themes and started a day of creativity.
Beyond the photos themselves, the thing that struck me the most, but I think I can safely say “us”, was seeing how everyone who took part could finally pull the plug and treat themselves to a different day even in a situation like this.
Smiles and thanks always remain the most important things. Perhaps it is precisely in the most difficult times that we have the chance to make the little big changes, to rediscover humanity both in ourselves and in others.

Life is cyclical, but I believe that even in the lowest moments there is something worth saving and very often it is something closer to us than we can imagine.

In this case, we wanted to use the medium of photography to give something positive to some people, some we knew, some we didn’t know.
The point of our project, “The Lighting House”, I think can be summed up in this, in using what for us is a language to give a smile to those in front of us.