Michela B. – Dancing with the wolves

I have been called to Follonica at the beginning of February to follow the European Cadet Cup in judo for two years now.
So it happens that we find ourselves spending our nights at the hotel Bella ‘Mbriana and that already last year during the first dinner we met the owner, with whom we get lost in conversation over a glass of wine (strictly Tuscan).
Thus mutual esteem was born that leads us to meet again a year later, resuming the speeches as if we had said goodbye the day before.

And then, this year, we decide to take some photos, right after dinner, right in the place that practically she made her home.

Trying to describe Michela is difficult, so I decided to let some of her words speak for herself. Because, above all, she writes and knows how to play with words much better than I do.

“Below all the layers, resides the Michela who writes. She is free from family ties, from social patterns, free from the morality that the others do not understand, yet, they follow, free even from physicality and lives in the hearts of all those who read her. She knows that she can say of herself that she has only three things, a daughter, a dog and writing and, in truth, that is enough for her. She is wild, perpetually in love. She dances with wolves because she is not afraid of confrontation as long as she has pages left to fill.
She is the Michaela of the nucleus, that of the basal layer, she holds them all close to her heart, she directs them in this life that too many times becomes complicated. She often quarrels with each of them, and every time she makes peace with herself is a new layer and a new Michela. She shakes her hand and gently whispers to her:
“Welcome, when you’ve finished, give me back the key and close the door on my heart” then with a serious look she adds, “And please be kinder to the next you”!”

From her blog