Alpe Adria Trophy 2020 in 20 images

The Alpe Adria Trophy has been a constant for me for a few years now and finding myself on board a tatami trying to narrate this competition is always a thrill.
I can find myself in the eyes of those guys who are waiting to get on the mat once they hear their name called. I feel their tension, their fears, I feel the desire to win that match they are about to face. Even if competitions are just a memory for me nowadays, having the opportunity to witness these occasions is always a way to keep alive in me all those feelings, emotions that have accompanied me for many years.

This particular trophy has become the home competition for me. It is that event that offers you a fast rhythm, which almost requires you to have superpowers in order to keep the work always at a high standard, but at the same time the atmosphere makes you feel like you are in a big family and, on the other hand, this allows you to work with a smile.

I tried to capture in 20 black and white photos what last weekend actually was, with the purpose to let the images speak for themselves, without needing to add any more words.